A realistic combat simulator

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A realistic combat simulator

Post#1 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:22 pm

Made in 2008 v

3:03 PM - Warmaggedon: answer yo skype phone nigguuuh
3:08 PM - meancloth: no
3:08 PM - Warmaggedon: AIGHT BRO NO 100k FOR U
3:10 PM - meancloth: yeah i bet
3:11 PM - Warmaggedon: nah for real, me and chad fucked this dude in his ass when he was tryin to sell a mission humvee haha
3:11 PM - meancloth: ew
3:11 PM - Warmaggedon: no lube or nothin
3:11 PM - meancloth: why didnt you just kill him
3:11 PM - Warmaggedon: he died eventually

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