A good description of Battlefield 4 PC's biggest flaw

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A good description of Battlefield 4 PC's biggest flaw

Post#1 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:33 am


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Re: A good description of Battlefield 4 PC's biggest flaw

Post#2 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:44 am

Some of the reddit commentary from the creator of said picture.

Sorry for my clunky MS paint infographic and the walls of text, I am not a natural at this and also not a native english speaker.
Some additions:
The described effect is also the core issue behind Rubberbanding (bandwidth is too low/packets too large, smoothing doesnt work anymore), vehicle clipping and such things.
Why is it worse than in BF3?
the complexity of the game rose again and there are some bugs in it (most noticably the double damage bug) that need to be fixed in order to get it as "good" as BF3 was towards the end
What about tradekills?
Bullets exit your barrel and need a certain time to reach your target. This time is in the same order of magnitude as the delay. So the network frame delay adds up with the bullet travel time and allows for more tradekills. Even with 100% accurate player positions there would be tradekills because of the bullet speed
EDIT: Network engineers / DICE employees feel free to correct any misinformation I might have given because I am neither.
EDIT 2: DICE employee /u/demize99 made this statement last year for BF3 which supports my ideas and probably still stands for BF4 for the most part:
Finally, the biggest issue we have in battlefield is actually on net code. Without going into details, the amount of updates we need to send to support all the gameplay details would throttle most bandwidth connections if we sent every frame. Therefor we send at a lower rate and use client prediction to interpolate between those updates. I'm not happy that means we have a longer than ideal delay for sending hits and damage to the victim from the server. The reality is that it's not trivial to fix, which isn't a great excuse, but it's definitely on our radar. Frankly, the benefits of being able to support the vast battlefields and variety of game play technically is worth the trade offs to me.

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Re: A good description of Battlefield 4 PC's biggest flaw

Post#3 » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:17 pm

it was made.


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